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Your privacy is important to us

Your privacy is important to us

Privacy and cookie policy

Information to data subjects

Processing of personal data - information under the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679/EC).

C-Translation AB is responsible for given personal data (contact details, billing information and employment information) concerning contacts that we receive together with projects, through any contact form on the website or otherwise project administration. You are not obliged to provide us with personal data, but without that, we cannot undertake an assignment.

We process the data for carrying out and administering the assignment as well as for accounting and invoicing purposes. This data is saved on the basis that the data is necessary to fulfil our contract with you.

The data can also be used for business and method development, market analysis, statistics, and risk management. The data processed for the purpose of developing and analysing the business are processed based on our legitimate interest in developing the business and communicating with our contacts.

Processing of personal data

Personal data may be transferred between our various group or sister companies for information and knowledge exchange and resource allocation. We will not disclose personal data to third parties unless (iii) if it is specifically agreed between us and you, (ii) where it is necessary in the context of a particular assignment to safeguard your rights, (iii) if it is necessary for us to fulfil a legal obligation or to comply with a judicial decision or decision of a court, or (iv) in the event that we engage third-party service providers who perform duties on our behalf. The information may be disclosed to courts, authorities, counterparties, and counterparty representatives if necessary, this is to safeguard your rights.

Personal data is stored for the duration of the contract, or longer period if required for the project to fulfil any guarantee commitments. Data processed for the purpose of developing, analysing, and marketing our business may be stored for some time after the last contact. If you unsubscribe to our newsletter, or decline further contact, the data will be deleted immediately.

You can request information about your personal data, free of charge

You have the right to request information from us free of charge about the use of personal data concerning you. We will, at your request or on our own initiative, correct or delete data that is incorrect or restrict the processing of such data. You also have the right to request that your data is not processed for our direct marketing purposes. You also have the right to receive your personal data in a machine-readable format. If you are dissatisfied with our treatment, you can file a complaint with a supervisory authority which in Sweden is the Swedish Data Protection Authority (www.datainspektionen.se).www.datainspektionen.se).

Please contact us at pm@c-translation.se if you have any questions regarding our processing of personal data.

Responsible for personal data is C-TRANSLATION AB.

Use of Cookies

C-Translation AB uses cookies on our website for certain features of the site. The purpose of cookies is to enable us to provide our visitors with the best possible service and to see which websites our visitors are most interested in.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small text file with a collection of data stored on your computer. The cookie does not contain any personal information such as telephone number, e-mail address or other contact details, but is only for us to understand that you are the same person who comes back to us.

Cookies are always stored only on your computer/mobile device and can only be read by the website they come from. In your browser, you can specify whether cookies should be allowed or whether the browser should display a warning message every time a cookie seeks access to your computer.

Acceptera Cookies

You can choose to accept or deny cookies on your computer. If you do not want to receive them, you can set up a setting on your computer that allows your browser to automatically decline cookies, or choose to be informed every time a website requests to store one. You can also manually delete cookies from your hard drive at any time. You can read about how to make these settings on your browser's help pages. However, this means that you cannot use certain features of our website.

By continuing to use our website and our services, you agree to receive all cookies on c-translation AB's pages.

Different types of cookies

There are two types of cookies, permanent cookies, and session cookies. Permanent cookies remain on the user's computer until the user deletes them or the expiry date has passed and the user returns to https://c-translation.se. Some permanent cookies can be used to track a user's visits to multiple websites. Session cookies do not have an expiration date and are stored temporarily on the user's computer while the user is on the https://c-translation.se. When the user closes their browser, any session cookies disappear.

How visitors can manage cookies

We have a confirmation dialogue on our site through which you accept the use of cookies on our site.

You may limit the ability or scope of a site to use Cookies in your browser. You do this in the settings. You can normally choose to completely block cookies, block third-party cookies, or ask your browser to delete all cookies when you close it.

Keep in mind that some of our services may not work if you do not accept cookies.

More questions

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at pm@c-translation.se

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